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Dear Love Doctor

 Giving up on Men and on her life as well.  He would only break her heart, her conclution was that he was struggling  with commitment issue, was diagnose  as terminal.

Daffy shared her words of advice to the lovelon, with pressing her hand down her breasts, as she was writing  about the unknow casanova or even about herself? 

Broken hearts are mended here were diagnose as terminal! They were sexy and self - made Hunter, was not backing down from a challenge. 

As he slapping a copy new orlean between his thigh, as he approaches the outer side of the newpaper. He dared to be anynonomous, autocrafic, or insuffering love doctor has  label him incaple to commitment. 

Did she consider him as capible to met the wrong woman? As he uncover the author identity and give her a piece of his own mind. first he would appericating an oppertunity when it present itself? 

He  has meet a beautiful blonde from  behind the front desk. who knew? Maybe the Love Doctor has led him to his dream woman after all?

As I was reading this story it reminded be of a new columist that I use to read in our Local newpaper  I use to read all the letter that people would write in, telling her all their problems, 

The use to call her Dear Abbey.   She would always give her advice on certain issue, And it seem like she was on point with her answers to her letters. 

4 star

Reading goals for February

Previous years, I would take the oppertunity to look through my books collection to see what I want to read through that month.  

I would put together a list along with the stack of books that I wanted to read.  But I was having a difficult time keeping up with it.  I would so many different gerne of books that I would continue to add to my list. 

I would feel so guilty when I didn't finish  several books on my list. Had a hard time following through at some point. 

At this point I was not going to try this again.  In 2022, I will be doing a little experitment with a different twist to it.  What I going to do is set monthly reading goals.  So in the beginning of the month I will pick a stack of books that I would love to read with in the month,  Keeping my focus on reading those book throughtout the month. 

In this way, I would be able to make room for title that are new to me, or some older title that I haven't read before.  When there is so much to do.  I would pick few books in the months that I alot going on. 

My Reading List:

Here is my book list for Febrary and why I have chosen these titles ( inclusion doesn't mean that I have read these or that I will be recommending them or even endorsing them as well.  So read at your own discretion, Look for my weekly book review posts to hear my honest review of each title. 

Morning's Refrain:

This book is by Tracie Peterson that has a subtitle of  the Song of Alaska. Phoebe learns  that her family move to Alaska, she was so unsure of the wild untamed lands that might offer. until Dalton is a man haunted by the family secerts.  

This is part of a three book series from this auther.  I will be reading the first in the series. 

I'm currently reading Hailey North  the author of Dear  Love Doctor also of Perfect match. I really love this book,  You might say it is a treasured find.  Also having the last word for the Lovelom , so why would she take her own advice.  That is the question i'm stilling wondering about. 

This book is by Kelly Irvin, author of the Bishop's son it is a beautiful masterpiece  of two man offer leila two very different futures, which one will she choice.  Is it the heart of her faith? We would have to read it and find out what her answer would be. or what she has decided. 

this book is by Doree Shafrir author of Startup. A biting and astute debut novel that is delighting.   The title of this book is so interesting I wonder what the story is all about. 

The books I have listed here After I complete them I will be writting an honest review on each.  


 Mildred Peacock in touch, funny, feisty herione, of Mama was an survilor who would do anything to keep her family together.

In  Mildred world, men would come and go as quickly like a paycheck, but her family was her world and dreams, her hope, and love an thier future. 

Not like Alice Walker  that wrote  The  Color Purple has a black woman's story been protray with just  rich power, honesty, and love. 

As she decided to leave her husband,  She also lived in a small minded town of  Point Heaven Michagin. Crooks,  over ten years, of abuse and infidelity She struggle her hole life.  Finding love in all places.  finding lust was part of the unfaithfuliness of an relationship, she would take low paying jobs just to support her family.

Mixing Alcohol with her never pills, which caused her to the brink of insanity.  Mildred was struggling in raising her 4 daughters and one boy in this town.  All that they do is gossip.  when all the companies are laying off their workers. 

She is not at the mercy of the government for money.  Mildred had married a man after her divorce that ended up in a distitute.  Her children started to realize that she wanted to live,  which is not ease to raise them as well. Her olderest daughter adventured out of Point haven.  She wanted to move to Las Angeles.

As she wanted to  become an adult before her time.   Money is for being in jail also for getting  them out.  As doll and Angel are finding in affection of men. Turning down a scholorship to college.

Freda moved to california, signed up for college and worked in the Sectretrail job, as she realized that she is making a better life for herself so she invited her family to live with her in California.

Freda  soon realized she had some of her mother traits of drinking and ruthliess men. The rest of her brother 's  and sister tring to make a life within the new situation.  The Peacock faimly struggles with proverty and heartache in this wonderful novel. 

I really enjoy this amazing story it had some simulatiy of my life and my relationship . This is an amazing story that was well written by the author. 

5 stars.

Throwing my New Year's Resolution write out the window!

 Seeing another year has gone and welcoming the new year with open arms.  I always wanted to set goals or making new years resolutions each year.  But it hasn't happen for years now.  Or I have set a few new years resolutions and some goals, and I don't stick to it. Or I only do them for one week. 

Then I would throw them out as life has become challenging, or the year was taking me in so many different directions.  Didn't beat myself up.  I just  rolled with all the changes in my life. 

If I know how to set goals the correct way.  I would see how effective the would be.  The Biggest problwm that I would see  with setting goals or a New Year's Resolution  which really doesn't work for Millions of People. The Biggest thing is the millions of people stop at some point. they don't continue with working on what goal or New Years Resolution that they stop so soon.

In this post I will be talking about how to make goals for a day or a month or even a year.

We have to be honest with ourself:

There is no point beating yourself around the bush, I must be one of those people that forget about my New year's resolutions after a few weeks.  Might be wondering why?  Because I don't make an action plan that goes along with it.  How I am going to be accomplished my goals, How am I going to be working towards them each day.

So I was wondering what I should do instead?  should I just work on them on whatever the day is or what month it is?  Should I work towards just the biggest goals or New Year's resolution?

There is not like the present to wait for the first day of the new Year to motivated to have a better year then going to take action. 

never have the accuses of the New Year's Resolution's why you are stopping your goals.  Accomplishing your goals takes time  and nothing happens overnight.  Take a moment to write down your plan of action and how you are going to accomplished it.  

Staring to take daily action will help you accomplished your goals or New Years' Resolutions. 

What should I do in setting your usual goals:

As I mention above, taking care of your big goals will take time.  As you work on your big goals you should break them down   it would be better to accomplishing them.

It would be best if you keep this habit going  on whatever  it takes to reach your goal. As you stay on track with your goals and creating a good habit along the way.

As you reach your goal:

Celebrating the wins. With every win you have it is a great feeling to have.  Please do not  fall in the trap of being a couch potato. It is best to keep the momenton going.  And continue to delevope great habit of setting goals to accomplished your New Year's Resolutions as well.   

Setting daily goals instead of New Year's Resolution:

I am hoping that this post inspires you  to reach your biggest goals on a daily basis instead of an yearly basis. 

What I learn in running a book blog.


When  I started LauraJLBooks as a middle age women that enjoys to read a good book or a novel  from time to time,  It has been one year now, An my life is different in so many ways.

In one year I have the encouragement of my younger son,  has gotten me to read more book , an still encourage me to read more  and more, series of book from a variety of author's along with there genre. 

With all life changes, I had to put reading on hold for sometime. Then all of a sudden my son, gave me a mother card one year, and said mommy can you read with me. I love it, and it has renewed my passion for books an reading them.

Over the year, I have written 161 post, of amazing review books that I have read over the course of one year.  And gain the  traffic and the followers, I can admit a little baffled, that I would need new glasses at some point.  Because I was seeing double.

It bothered me  a little bit the reason was that I was talking about books to everyone that I met.  When I open another book I would cried.

I celebrate and I thought I would share what I have learned  over the course of one year. 

1.  Reading whatever you are wanting to read:

I know this is strange to start out with this statement, It is really obvious to read  whatever you are wanting to read.  And something that you like. Starting blogging you are in a community immersest into all, well believe it or not.  It is so easy  to  forget what you are wanting to read. 

It has happen to me more then once. It is incrisable to see everyone around me getting early copies of books from publishers they are wanting to read.   It is so easy to get involved in the hype,  so easy in wanting to read a book of some kind.  

I the end you are the one the is putting your money in pushing books,  waiting for the one from the library to give you a star, also waiting for an email from an author about reviewing a book they have written. the main reason that you are here is that you want to just read a book.

2. Static don't mean anything:

I have to be blunt here.  but you don't have any idea why? but I need them so much?  Starting a book blog as a hobby, I know that I love to read books,  an talking about books is something that I am passionate about books, and finding other book  bloggers as well. 

That is what I did. As we live in a capitlist world were number do matter.  Which seems  to matters to our minds. This is something that I fources on the tiny, but little bit,  Whether we like it or not. 

It doesn't mind how you view your stats in your mind.  It is Ok  With all the numbers and number is something that is hard to understand, even hard to control at some point.  Just atke care of your blog with all your heart and soul.   

True honestly is the best.

3. Interact at your own pace, and for your own comfort zone:

The first thing is to praise yourself,  blog hopping and meeting new people even chatting with them. I can tell you from experience it is wonderful to meet new people, being in a community that welcomes you with open arms.  

Also help you grow your blog in so many ways.  Sometime we have to take care of ourselves and knowing when it is the write time to step away from it.  be able to take some time for your self.  Best thing is knowing your limits. Believe in the right people will always interact within your blog when you are ready.

4.  Making your blog your own not someone elses:

This is so important key point, What make me a little anry when someone takes and ideas and pass it own as there own. You know what make a differences  is making your blog unique,  with idea, that stand out your book blog from others.  You can make a differences.

You voice is the key to making a difference.  Because you are the one that is writting your reviews and post, and create the idea, that are honest, go along with the niche that you have choosen for your blog. 

Making your blog your own does take time. Your not going to be successful over night.

5. Just what makes you happy:

Book blogging is a hobby right,  you are reading all the books, writing and post reviews, talking about the books you share.  And interacting every day and every single day when you are off.

I was making sure that I wasn't missing anything. Not being out for long. I spend one or two hours of book blogging, no one forcus me to do so,  I just like blogging. and learning more and more about book blogs, and blogging. 

Drafting post make me happy, interacting at my own pace make be happy after one year.  Which still make me proud for years to come. 

See all the piles of books that I want to read makes me happy.  Everything with blogging also make me happy too. 


He was the most awful person that she every met?  What do you think that I asked you out? the world would be better place  without you being in it?

As Lara was told off on the most popluar social media platform walls of Facebook.  She had this idea that Christain has like her at some point. Finally she thought Christain was going to asked her to the School homecoming dances. 

Because they were talking to eachother for weeks now.  She was wondering what were the sudden changes that has arised.   Were does he come off  telling those horrible things on her wall?  These were the worse thing were they true?

It was a long time since Lara had felt this way? It has despressed this was so ugly?  she had worked so hard to  be pretty and happy to make new friends in the middle school.

Bree used to be her best friend was overweight, with Lara Depression, she got tired of listening to Bree  issue has become to much.  But the main secret she was glad Christain had called her out. 

Lara was  not amazing as a people were thinking, no one realized that Christain' harshed comments would push Lara over the edge.  It wasn't for Bree.

As Online collisded  with our personal life, which things spiral out of control, and not just for Lara. As the true starts coming together, the backlash was more devasting than everyone could imagen.

As I was reading this story, It reminded me that many of us have  talked to many people that you have never met,   When something that goes wrong, they start all the backlashed on you, So beware of who you talk with online. Also when you are posting on other people walls.  Be respective and be encouraging to someone online. 

4 stars.

The Scarlet letter

Reading the Scarlet Letter was something that I never thought was a book that had a story that gone along with real life.  As I was reading the story it took me back to the character of harry as he was convience  the daughter he had was from the  affair  that he was having.

Has he was abroad from his wife, was wondering if he was lost at sea from some time. Hester had so many men that were presuding her and giving her their charm too. 

There was only one hester couldn't resist.  As Hester sin was discovered, by the town's people of Boston. She was forcest to wear her Scarlet letter as a big part of her shame.

But Hester refused to recieve the name of the man she was involved with.   And Loved too. She will protected him for years to come.  Along with the abounding love,  to the bitter end. 

The author has written a dark masterpiece with the romanticism one of the enduring stories a bout the piece of unchecked  passion.

It was one  of the beautifully presentation of the modren teen audience, this was one of the must have of edition of a timeless classic.  

As I was reading it, I took it slow, to let the words not go over my head,  I mostly could understand what the story as all about. Mostly I thought of meditating at some point, so i could understand what the author was saying.  

For the most part I really did enjoy this book, as i mention it before it reminded me of when My ex was having all kind of affairs,  and it seem like he was aboard for many years, most of all I thought he was lost for ever.

3 stars

Taking sometime off from blogging to enjoy the holiday season with family and a good book too.

 I just want to write a quick note to my readers.  I can't believe that christmas is around the corner. there is so much to do, along with my work schedule has increased around this time. I want to say thank you all my loyal reader that come to my blog to find so wonderful suggestion of book that they would like to read.

I only can say that if there was more time to come, and How many books that I have read over years and scheduling time to complete at least one of them is so amazing to me. getting the time to work with my boys and doing just dance is so wonderful as well.

I understand  learning new things, and creating time to get every done doing my day, and catching up with some novel that I started three weeks ago, is so overwhelming to me.  but I know that time off that this coming up, I will be able to complete some of the tasked that I mentioned.

And be able to get a handle on some things, that I need to improve on.  Be able to blends schedule together to be or organizes my productivity will skyrocket at some point. 

In 2022 is  going to some changes that I'm working on, and some systems that i'm putting together and be able to manage my time better. And have a stress free life as well. 

 I hope that you and your family have a wonderful and safe holiday season,  and welcoming the new year with peace and harmony for everyone to come. 

Keeping track of what you are reading

 Are you tired of grabby a book from the bookshelf at your local library,  or from your own bookshelf, and realized that you have all ready have read it.  Most of the book you own them? Your not allow in this.

One of the best ways you can do is keeping a record of what you have read already, or what you are wanting to read next or in the near future. How you would be able to keep track of them.

Having a general idea, what you have in your own you already have in your own bookshelf or library.  Which help you save money at your local thrifty store, or bookstore.  Also saves you time tracking back to your local library because you already have read this particular novel, or fiction book. 

Her are some amazing resource you can implement right now. 

1. Good read:

Is own by amazon, is a site that has great selection of books and ebooks that you will enjoy to read, and it is a great way to keep track of those book that you have already have read, also find book that you are wanting to read.

Itis not going to tell you that you have a copy on your bookshelf, or in your kindle collection, You will be able to check if you have already read this book of choice.  Also you would be able to write a review of the book that you recently read, and maybe want to read it again. 

So if you need a little motivation Good read is the answer and they key. they even have yearly good challenges,  You can read as many book that you like and it is fun too.  and the site keeps track of them for you as you finished reading them.

2. Physical/Personal Reading Journal:

Are you wondering how you are going to keep track of books and feel old school? Then using a personal Journal to keep track of your reading log could be the right solution for you. 

This is a fun way to use for people  that love the aspect of  keeping their reading log on the shelf, or for people that are artistic of creating a journal by the way of bullet journaling. 

There are million style of reading journals on the market today, Pick one that fix your need and purpose. to motivate you to keep track on book you all read read. 

3. Libb:

Libb, is a free app that you can use to help you keep track of what you are reading.  Libb, is very clean and has a service that provides individual professional to create professional and organizes personal library category.

You would be able to catalog, Video games, books so much more. 

All your listing will included all the information  as well the book, It automatically pulls the data of your summary, and it is at your finger tips.  

5 tip to be more productive in your blog.

Are your feel like you are not getting anything done? Your not allow,  there are millions of people feel this way. Oh heck last week i just took a day off, for just because.   Might say it happen to the best of us. 

But you are still wondering how could I conquer productivity?  Let take a moment to look at our daily habits to be more productive as a blogger.

Blogging Productive tips:

Being so productive means your are getting your things done, in a timely manner.  You're meeting all  your deadlines,  doing all your tasks, contributing  to your end goal of running a successful blog.

Here are some things that you can do to help.

1. Waking up early:

When I switched a waking up at 10am to changing my sleep pattern to 6.15 am, I couldn't believe that I was getting more done, one of the best thing that I could end my day a little early, I felt that I was getting a heads up every single day.

It felt so much better,

wondering if you guys have tried this?

2. Writing it down:

You just can not keep up with everything in your head?


Whether it means just jotting it down in your computer or just on a postanote, or in your daily planner, even on  your cell phone, just take a few minute and write it down.  Sometime we forget things. 

Like Doctor's appointments, or taking bobbly to a soccer game, much more. 

This step will get you closer to be more productive as a blogger.

3. Working in Batches:

Setting a timer, you might say 1 hour or so, by doing a batch a work in that time, when the 1 or so is up just take a break, and go back to set the timer and repeat, rinse as well. 

This is wonderful for work, in general, espectaly awesome for writing.  You will be able to churn out batches of content for your blog be able to stay on track with your blog post. 

4.  Line up tasks:

Plan your day in advance, hour by hour, if you can you will stay focus on your work, Just pick a blog post, a product to work on as well. 

 5. Using a template in your writing:

Which has been so helpful.

I'm hopeful to use these templates on future blog post..

The Meryl streep movie club

 It is a tradition of the  Friday night knitting club and the Jane Austin book club  as three women finding unexpected answers to happiness, an one another meryl Streep's movies as their inspiration.

As two women and their cousin were they grew up in a tragedy were summit to there home an inn that is on the coast, of maine.

For an big announcement that was shocking, suddenly June, Kat, Isabel are sharing the attic. As they were barely speaking to each other. 

so when the innkeeper asked them to join her in the parlor for a movie night.  Might say it is a Meryl Streep movie night.   Finding themself sharing their secrets, as they talk long hours of the night.

Questioning everything about their life, love,  another. 

They reflexing on their life how complex it is through cinema. As Isbel Husband is currently having and affair. The pact may be keeping her for what she was wanting. June, has promised her seven year old son that she is going to find his father.

Which he never know at some point of his life.  As kat is going to accepted her best friend marriage proposal. As lolly has been there through everything.  So you might say that June, Kat, Isbel and meryl must be there for her. 

Finding themselves, an happy ending, an to finding each other. 

Meryl Streep give the inspiration of  finding herself with the wisdom to get you through whatever life has thrown on you. 

Finding true happiness and positivity in whatever that you are doing.  Don't wish that there would something that you don't do in finding yourself, and the happiness that you are wanting. 

Meryl Streep is an wonderful actress,  started in many wonderful movies,  As I sit there watching the different movies, I wonder how does she do it, And what kind of messages is she trying to make in the story.

But I wouldn't like on of the best book to read under an umbrella on the beach.

3 star